A good day for Trailer Maintenance, cleaning cars, etc.

A good day for Trailer Maintenance

This morning started off at 1*. At least it was above Zero! It was a good day for trailer maintenance. It was a good day for cleaning cars etc.

We started off the day by picking one of the trailers from the race shop parking lot at racingpartsales.com. We had some items to haul from the house to the shop. On the way to the shop we picked up some fuel for some of the space heaters that are used to get the big block race shop up to temp.

Today Jon learned some maintenance tips

We bought the small black trailer we use for Bella Chan Racing two years ago. Aside from some minor modifications, the trailer has been relatively maintenance free. Dad wanted to pull the hubs off, repack the bearings, and just look things over. This was good practice for Jon. He learned the basics of packing bearings from our friend Brian Rpacking trailer bearingsoes last fall at a Speed Shifters Car Club work day. Dad has plenty of bearing maintenance experience himself, so it was time to teach Jon a refresher course in bearings. He packed the bearings, and dad showed him how to put a race into a hub and how the sound of driving the race changes from a thump – to a metallic ding after the bearing seats in the hub bore. Jon set the air pressures in the tires and gave the trailer a general looking over.

Bandolero Assessment Day

Today was also a day to look at the Bandolero’s a little bit closer. They had remained untouched for the most part since the flat rock race last September. Jon had a win, but just prior to the win, he had a mechanical failure that about sent him into the fence at Flat Rock Speedway. Fortunately this was during a hot lap session, and with some quick work by Dad, Our friend John Price and other parents, we were able to get back on the track in time for the feature. We did ok, and we did win, but the car having a minor part failure just before a race left us wondering if we had gotten everything back to the right spots. The way we chose to look things over was by “strintging the car.”  Stringing the car is a basic measurement process that stringing a bandoleroone can use to assess if the alignment is where you intend it to be. Jon broke out the string, and a pair of jack stands and a tape and went to work. After a few moments, stringing a bandolero rim measurementand a check or two with the tape measure we saw the car was just fine. That was good news for us, a feature win, a straight car, and rolling it into the trailer on it’s own afterwards is a good day.  Team mate Bella Chan did not make out quite so well.

Surveying Bella’s after crash damage

At Flat Rock, our teammate Bella had a wicked fast car. She was quite fast in hot lapping, and got the lead on the start of the race. The race was restarted and she got caught on the outside of the track. Several cars got underneath her car as the race was unfolding while she was waiting patiently in the second lane. A crash between two competitors developed and Bella was caught up in the mix.  You can see from the image on the left, a sBella Chan Crashpinning car struck Bella and this still photo from Mason Surgenor’s in car camera caught her mid air. The impact flattened Bella’s Tire, bent the axle, and Jon pointed out today that the upper trailing arm on the left rear was bent as well. It bent the sprocket and guard on the chain, but fortunately it did not slide into the engine.  It was quite a ride for Bella. It knocked loose the lapceiver that we use for logging every lap that the Bandolero’s run. We were not sure exactly what happened to it. It is mounted to the dash normally. Jon found it today while vacuuming out Bella’s car as part of the post racing inspection we do. Bella was unable tofound the lapceiver continue that day, and luckily we had help in putting her car in the trailer. It was immobile with the extreme bent axle.   Jon concluded the rest of the shop day cleaning the bandolero’s and Ole Betsy the scout plow truck and the racingpartsales.com cube van.

In conclusion, we got a lot done on the cold January day. Back on the home front, Mom got quite of few of our next summers racing events planned out on the Facebook event planner. It helps us to be able to promote the exciting things happening next summer – which beats packing wheel bearings on a cold trailer any day!

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