We had a nice break from the bitter cold

Today we had a nice break from the bitter cold.

Springport, Mi (1/7/2018) It was a good day to spend down at the race shop. Today we had a nice break from the bitter cold. For the last 3 weeks we have been in the teens or single digits for high temperatures. Today (if the long term forecast is correct) should be the start of a warming trend for Michigan. The long term forecast shows rises in temps to the 30’s and above for much of January. This is just what we have been waiting for. Our race shop is very spacious, for that we are blessed, but the sub zero temps make it a bugger to get up to temp! It is tall and brick block construction, so it takes a good hour or two to begin warming up if its is in the 20’s.

We got some nagging projects handled today

We got some cleaning done, we got some of the bigger tool boxes moved from storage to the main work area, and Jon put together a little tool cart we had bought last winter and never quite gotten around to putting together. assembling tool cart

We also had a visitor that had not been in the shop for a while. Smokey came down to the shop to check things out, and to play with Mikes dog “Sadie”. Smoke is not a big fan of the bitter cold, so he has been housebound for much of the winter. His short coat doesn’t protect much. Smoke chased Sadie around for a few hours trying to play, and wore himself down a good bit. He was so active he had no idea what the temp was outside.

Some much needed cleaning occured

In addition to the assembly of the tool cart, and moving of tool boxes, Jon and Dad got some time in on cleaning. Mike and Mike worked on Mikes Lefthander chassis, and helped with some of the heavy lifting on the day. Dad had his used oil burning firing heavily and that along with the double barrel stove kicking it in high gear – got the temperature actually pretty comfortable. Jon found Smoke a shop cleaning for race car spacepartial bone while cleaning up – so everyone had a job to do.  Smoke likes a good bone to keep him busy, and it did just the trick. He didnt even notice the bitter cold.

In conclusion, this was the kind of day we love to have. Productive times and decent weather are just what you need when you are combating a little cabin fever. Today was just what we needed. Before we know it, it will be time to pick up the racingpartsales.com 57 Chevrolet. We are excited to get started working on that. Today was a departure from the bitter cold and we were ready.

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