2017: A great year for our team building

2017 Was indeed a great year for our team

Springport, Mi (January 5th, 2018) As we reflect back on 2017 were very fortunate at Jon Parish Racing and Bella Chan Racing. Both Jon and Bella accomplished several milestones to add to their racing resume’s.  It was a great year for our team building via positive experiences. 

  • Both Drivers Set their personal best times for their careers in Bandolero Racing.
  • Both became progressively faster each week.
  • Both experienced minimum crashes for the season.
  • Both gained large numbers of fans.
  • Jon won his championship
  • Bella set the fastest lap for a track record in the blue plate division.

    We all enjoyed our race days and nights a great deal in the 2017. Bella had an extremely fast car at the Flat Rock year end race, but got tangled up in a wreck that was not of her doing.

    jon parish, jeff parish, bella chan
    Jon, Jeff and Bella 2017 Spartan Banquet

    The Spartan Banquet was a very enjoyable time for our team as well. Great food, and great Friends. Jon and Bella will be honored this January 2018 at the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club banquet in Warren, Michigan.  If you’d like to keep track of Jon on Facebook, you can find his page here: Jon Parish Facebook Fan Page If you’d like to keep track of Bella Chan, you can find her Facebook page here: Bella Chan Facebook Fan Page   

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